The Casual Metamorphosis From Playful Infants Into Active Emotional Expressionists

All of the stages of play help the child to actively transition from playful egocentric infants into emotionally regulated children who have better control over how they express themselves. Taking turns during play and learning to wait for their needs to be met, teaches the child to share and navigate their emotions more efficiently. It encourages the child to learn patience and tolerance while dealing with social situations where they experience negative emotions. The child is encouraged to express emotions such as anger, sadness, jealousy, pride, etc. in a healthy way within the preschool environment.
It is in a healthy preschool environment that the child learns to wonder about things, question the very existence of everything, be inquisitive about existence and be in awe of the smallest things in life. The child learns to find happiness in everything around them as they learn about the world. They observe others in their environment, selectively picking up their mannerisms, and making an attempt to imitate their emotional expressions and body language along with the language used to communicate the different human emotions.
Children make an attempt at understanding everything around them in their own unique way, which makes each child different from other children as well as adults around them. This is the phase where the emotional personality of the child develops, which makes preschool the most important tool in ensuring that the child views the world as a safe space for the free expression of their unique selves. Preschool ensures that the child is able to appreciate and empathize with themself as well as others. The child learns to include people in their emotional space while also distinguishing between their personal and social selves. This encourages the child to progress from doubtful toddlers into autonomous young children who lean towards initiative and self-motivation.

– Madhumitha Nivi

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