The Art Of Negotiation Through Group Learning

Through the development of judgment and decision-making skills in the child, s/he faces the consequences of several errors of choice trials, which emerge in the form of conflicts. Interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts arise out of the negative impact of not dealing with conflicts which can impact the relationships formed by the child. In such circumstances, it is very important that the child learns to negotiate during conflicts and navigate through them.
Playgroups in preschool teach children to live in coordination with the diverse aspects of the community. Formation of relationships in play groups occurs through learning exercises or activities, team building, stories, and sports. Such group bonding occurs through the foundation of common interests and goals which are very helpful in negotiating conflicts, especially of the interpersonal type.
Preschool provides children with an imitative learning experience where they acquire the tools to process intense emotions while navigating both practical and imagined conflicts. Children learn to express emotions more honestly with each conflict that they practice dealing with. They learn to avoid getting dramatic over trivial issues which are indicated as reducing tantrum behavior and increasing assertiveness.
It is in preschools that children also learn to negotiate conflicts without sacrificing their own needs as well as others’ needs. This is done through creative and child-safe navigation tools such as the emotional thermometer, feelings charts, the suggestions box, the smiley face raters, and the stoplight negotiation methods.
Children are encouraged to make mistakes as they proceed with their negotiations which allows them to learn how to settle into a win-win resolution style. As a result of this, with each conflict that the child learns, they are transformed from inquisitive learners into confident young negotiators and leaders.

– Madhumitha Nivi


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