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I want to wish you all a very happy day. Thank you for taking your time to look into the website, and taking note of every detail regarding your child’s needs. I am David Samson, The founder and Principal of ID International School. I am a school psychologist and have completed my Master’s in Psychology from Madras School of Social Work, Chennai, and dance being the other passion, I wanted to fuse the best of both worlds. I am a certified dance therapist trained under very renowned dance therapists in the likes of Thirupura Kashyap of New Delhi, Brinda Jacob of Bangalore and Preetha Ramasubramanian of Chennai who is a Movement Psychotherapist, University of London.

Having completed my studies and had an opportunity to work as a school psychologist in my first stint, I came in contact with many parents who expressed their concerns about the current state of preschools running in the city, including teacher’s not being trained appropriately and adequately, mismatch in student-teacher ratio, academics being the primary focus, and schools being run with a different expectation. On repeated exposure to similar opinions and personally witnessing some of these conditions, I decided to start a school where such concerns could be minimized and most importantly where parents feel validated not because they pay the fees but also because they have wonderful children who deserve the best quality of services in the most crucial years of their lives.

I also take this as an opportunity to assure you that as a team, we strive every single day to give the best holistic experience to every parent and child who are part of this ID family, and always strive to improve. I hope this school matches your expectations, and I will be more than happy to have you on board, so we can work together in imparting the best.

On this juncture, with great joy, I inform to you that my humble beginning of ID preschool is recognized for the uniqueness of its program.
I was also awarded the “Best Entrepreneur of the Year in the field of Preschool” in 2016, issued by The Entrepreneurs Council of India, and feel honoured to have received it from Hon’ble Justice, Dr. T.N. Vallinayagam and Dr. S Amarprasad Reddy. The SCI Education Awards recognized ID Preschool as “Top 5 Preschools in Chennai” in 2017. The school also was recognized with the prestigious “Indian Business Congress Award” for Excellence in Preschool business in the year 2018, issued by the Entrepreneurs Council of India. Recently I was conferred with a Doctorate in Education by Diocese of Asia.
These wards are like the sweet fruits we reaped for the seeds sowed and most importantly a gentle reminder to continue working hard and striving for the best. The most rewarding experience for me personally, is speaking to parents and helping a child unwrap their truest potential and spread their wings ready to fly high.
I welcome you all on this wonderful journey of positive schooling!


best entrepreneur year Principals Desk
Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2016
top 5 Preschools chennai Principals Desk
SCI Education Awards 2017
excellence in preschool Principals Desk
Indian Business Congress Award 2018
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Certificate of Honorary Doctorate 2019
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Council for International American Accreditation - CIAA, New York & American International Accreditation Association of School & College - AIAAs, USA
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India Book Of Records 2023

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