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The Art Of Negotiation Through Group Learning

Through the development of judgment and decision-making skills in the child, s/he faces the consequences of several errors of choice trials, which emerge in the form of conflicts. Interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts arise out of the negative impact of not dealing with conflicts which can impact the relationships formed by the child. In such circumstances, […]

Preschool As A Safe Space To Explore The Art Of Making Choices

With the development of the ability to take initiative, children become more pre-operational, wherein they prefer to have the space to make their own choices. This is the phase where, when encouraged to be independent, the child feels purposeful and valued. This skill, when developed at a young age, allows children to find solutions to […]

Self-Regulation And Motivation In The Formative Years Of The Kindergartener

As the child’s moral compass noticeably strengthens, the child gains an understanding of behaviour modification. With autonomy comes the ability of the child to take initiative to practise moral behaviour. Research evidence points towards the rapid development of self-regulation in the formative years as children move from being toddlers to preschoolers. This stage of development […]

Life Is Very Easy Through The Eyes Of A Preschool Child – The Understanding Of Rights And Wrongs

A familiar thing every adult in a child’s life does as s/he grows is to explain to the child what is socially acceptable behaviour. Evidence has been presented on the understanding of fairness in children as young as nineteen months old. This makes us understand that evolution has designed children to be born with an […]

The Casual Metamorphosis From Playful Infants Into Active Emotional Expressionists

All of the stages of play help the child to actively transition from playful egocentric infants into emotionally regulated children who have better control over how they express themselves. Taking turns during play and learning to wait for their needs to be met, teaches the child to share and navigate their emotions more efficiently. It […]

Vitality Of Play In Socialisation And Communication In Pre-School

Play is a vital part of sensory-motor development as these are interlinked processes of learning and development. Play encourages healthy child development, it’s how a child feels safe, active and happy. Play allows the child to be socially observant, creative, imaginative, theatric in his/ her expressions, insightful and co-existent. Play is responsible for the intellectual […]

Transitioning From Play Into Sensory-Motor Development In Kindergarten

A well-known fact is that all motor development is directly associated with sensory development. Therefore, most motor exercises involve one or more sensory components, which encourage the duality of sensory-motor development in children.The motor organs are known to be associated with visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory senses through reflexes, eye-hand coordination, and facial motor […]

Is Kindergarten Kindling My Kid’S Interests? – Cognitive Development Through Sensory Exploration

Environmental difference between school and home – kids explore senses in school through various activities associated with sensory development. Rods and cones cells in the eyes improve as a result of visual exposure – visual expansion from the tunnel or focused vision into expansive or peripheral vision due to exposure to near and far objects […]

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