• Child friendly products are only set up and extreme safety measures are adopted to ensure there are no accidents.

CCTV cameras are installed to further the safety measures.

• Walls are kept plain and will be used to display projects.

• Regular field trips will be organized to facilitate hands on learning.

• Regular parent-teachers meeting will be conducted to track the child’s progress.

• A suggestion box will be placed and parents are encouraged to give their suggestions and comments to help the school serve better.

Workshops and seminars will be planned on various topics to help parents have a better grip over the child and bring them up in a stress-free manner.

• After school activities like Dance, Music, Yoga, Storytelling, Arts and craft, Puppetry etc are also offered with an intention to take kids beyond normal thresholds.

• These activities are part of the syllabus and will be rendered with the help of our qualified staff ensuring that learning takes place in a fun filled and exploratory fashion.

• The student teacher ratio will be 10:1 ensuring that each child gets personal attention and are helped in their needs being met for an overall and whole development.

• Library facility is available for the students.